September 6, 2023
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Ausker: A Taste of Success with MarketLeap

Ausker's remarkable odyssey, fueled by an unquenchable passion for cooking, led them to become a global brand, and their partnership with MarketLeap propelled them to new heights.

About Ausker

It all started from a great passion for cooking. In 2015, Ausker was founded by three Italians who believed in bettering the kitchen's everyday lives of others. To do that, they wanted to make their goods available to chefs, grandmothers, bachelors, newlyweds, and all food enthusiasts. You might say they were idealists. Their passion for cooking and great food brought them together, and it drove them to create excellent products. As the company grew, they continued to focus on betterment by leaning into the details, dreaming and ideating, and pushing each design, material, vendor, and partner until their products were refined into something truly exceptional.

What made Ausker so unique? At the outset of each new product, they prioritized two things above all: quality and design. You'd never see an Ausker product with only a single use, and they'd never use materials that were less than the highest grade. Their goods were defined by excellence, creativity, and honesty.

Challenges Faced

However, even a brand as remarkable as Ausker faced challenges in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce. The brand owners were selling on global marketplaces but lacked the time, knowledge, and capital to grow the brand on these platforms. They wanted to focus on other channels and revenue streams, seeking a solution to overcome these challenges and take their brand to the next level. That's when Ausker turned to MarketLeap for assistance.

MarketLeap's Solution

MarketLeap took over the brand's marketplace operations, allowing the brand owner to finally have time to focus on what he did best: sourcing and building products.


The results were nothing short of spectacular. With MarketLeap's expertise and support, Ausker experienced 5X growth in just 2 months. The brand owner could now confidently invest his time and energy into expanding Ausker's product line and exploring new avenues for revenue, knowing that MarketLeap's operating system was working its magic in the background.

Ausker's success story is a testament to the power of passion, innovation, and strategic collaboration. With a shared vision and a dedicated partner like MarketLeap, they not only transformed their brand but also enriched the lives of food enthusiasts around the world. Ausker's journey continues to inspire, reminding us all that when you combine a love for what you do with the right partners, the sky is truly the limit.